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Tethers Unlimited Inc, Bothell, WA

Senior Embedded Software Engineer ( – Present).

  • Leads a team of engineers to design, develop, test, and debug software for the SWIFT avionics and software defined radios utilizing C and FreeRTOS, as well as to meet the software needs of various R&D projects.
  • Works closely with electrical, mechanical, and systems engineers.

Harris Corporation, Rochester, NY

Senior Software Engineer, RF Communications Division ().

Software Engineer, RF Communications Division ().

Software Engineer Co-op, RF Communications Division ().

  • Worked with other engineers to design, develop, test, and debug software for the Falcon III series radios. Falcon III products are software defined radios utilizing C++ and CORBA on the QNX and Linux operating systems.
  • Led a small team responsible for setting up, maintaining, and monitoring continuous integration systems for the Falcon III radios.

Bose Corporation, Stow, MA

Software Build Co-op, Automotive Systems Division ().

  • Developed tools in Perl to automate the build and release process for automotive amplifier software. Responsible for maintaining, refactoring, and extending existing tools, as well as designing and implementing new tools.

RIT Department of Software Engineering

SE Freshman Seminar Course Assistant ().

  • Assisted students in writing line-following programs for Lego Mindstorms robots using NXC.

Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, NM

Backcountry Staff ().

  • Guided teams of 10-12 participants through team-building challenges.

McDonald's, Exton, PA

Customer Service ().

  • Handled taking and filling customer orders.


University of Washington (UW), Seattle, WA

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, NY

Online Courses


Flying Tiger Phase I (Senior Project)

Befunge Interpreter

Mozilla Add-Ons

Android Wear Watchface

Operating System

Wi-Fi-Controlled RC Car

Peg Solitaire Puzzle

  • Wrote a command-line based peg solitaire puzzle in MIPS Assembly for Computer Organization.

Puzzle Solver

  • Used C++ to create a framework which could be used to solve a variety of puzzles by calculating all possible moves from a given configuration, as a project for Computer Science 4.

FTP Client and Server

  • Created a FTP client and server in Java with a team of three, the goal was to have the client and server share as much of the code as possible. The FTP project was written for Computer Science for AP Students, and was then converted to a peer-to-peer file sharing client, compatible with projects from other teams in the class.
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